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Loic Mahe

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Savennières is one of a handful of truly exceptional Appellations in The Loire Valley, dedicated to the Chenin Blanc variety. And of all of them, it is without doubt the greatest when it comes to producing immensely powerful dry white wines.

While the region is home to many old and famous estates, Loic was a relative newcomer when he purchased his first vineyard in 2000 (certified organic in 2008). Today he is one of our favourite Loire producers, producing wines of both power and complexity. 


Loïc Mahé had the quality of the terroir in mind when he began slowly constructing his Domaine in the year 2000, first by purchasing unplanted land within AOC Savennières, then purchasing significant old vine plantings, and finally an immaculate winery (Chateau la Franchaie) where all his wines are now calmly, carefully brought to life. Everything was, of course, managed and certified organically from the outset, with the addition of Biodynamic philosophies and vineyard preparations.

Today, Loïc farms 11ha of Chenin Blanc, and a small plot of Cabernet Franc for red. But he is also gradually reducing his holdings, in a never-ending quest to improve quality, even at the expense of quantity. All of his vineyards are perfectly situated, all facing directly south on the gentle slopes above the escarpment north of the Loire River. The vineyards are predominantly blue and red schist (slate/shale) under very thin topsoils of wind-blown sands, along with some unique parcels on volcanic rock with high quartz and flint content.

Loic makes his wines slowly, naturally, always allowing the wines to take the time they need to ferment dry with their indigenous yeasts, happy sitting tranquilly in old oak barrels. The only addition is very small amounts of SO2 close to bottling.

The wines are ultra pure and mineral, yet always generous, not austere. It must be said that Savennières wines are sometimes marked by austerity, by an un-checked intensity and bitterness, especially when heavy handed vinification is employed with too much new oak (and probably too much SO2). But Loïc’s wines always retain a generosity to go with the fistful of shattered shale essence. They walk the line.


The wines are built around 5 vineyards: 4 of Chenin Blanc and 1 small plot of Cabernet Franc. The wines are released as single vineyards.

Vents d'Ouest: A small plot of Cabernet Franc sitting on Granite soils.

Le Petit Moulin Vineyard: Loamy, sandy soil over schist. Chenin Blanc for the excellent value single vineyard and sparkling.

Sables & Schistes Vineyard: Chenin Blanc on wind blow sand over schist. Perhaps the most subtle wines from Loic.

Les Fougeraies Vineyard: Chenin Blanc on a thin layer of loam of schist with some volcanic rock. Pure minerality. 

Equilibre Vineyard: Chenin Blanc Red and Blue schist with almost no topsoil, just schist rubble. A warm and dry site producing wines of intense richness and structure.