Italy - Veneto



Veneto is a large and important region in the Northeast of Italy. The region is bordered on one side by the Dolomite Mountains which run northwest along one side before sweeping down towards the sea and Venetian lagoon. The region spent much of the last 1000 years as the independent Venetian nation state, from the fall of Rome to the Napoleonic wars. The result is an independent minded and culturally unique people.

There are many interesting sites and varietals to choose from in Veneto, however in terms of production the region is dominated by three wines. Sparkling Prosecco, the fruity reds of Valpolicella and the dry whites of Soave (not to mention a mass of Pinot Grigio). While very famous the quality on all three of these is… diverse.


Viticulturally the area has many diverse terroirs to choose from. In the west you have the cool mountain climate around Lake Garda and Bardolino. This is adjoined by a series of volcanic hills that run from Valpolicella down into Soave, Gambellara, Berici and finally Euageni. To the east you have Prosecco country. The largely flat areas to the north and west of Treviso towards the border with Friuli.



A small region just outside of Soave, making similar wines with the same grapes (Garganega, Verdicchio and Durella primarily) on mineral rich volcanic basalt. While not as famous there is a lot of potential here and there are a number of younger, smaller produces making interesting wines.

Producers to try: Cristiana Meggiolaro, Davide Spillare