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Distillerie Douglas Casimir - Clairin Casimir

Distillerie Douglas Casimir - Clairin Casimir

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Origin: Haiti

Size: 700ml

ABV: 49.5%

Style: Single Village Clairin (Rhum Agricole)

Clairin Casimir is characterised by its unique fragrance reminiscent of truffles and stone fruit. The oily, unctuous palate comes from extreme fermentation and extended
distillation. Enjoy it alone or mixed in cocktails. It’s tropical, funky notes are perfect
to pair with bold spicy ingredients like ginger, cinnamon or fresh pineapple juice.

Clairin Casimir is instantly recognizable by its unique fragrance reminiscent of truffles.


The trip to the village of Barradères, a paradise for all rum lovers, is an authentic adventure like the fifth episode of Indiana Jones! Barradères is only 15 miles from the town of Cavaillon, but it takes other three hours of rough dirt track with 4x4 climbing up the mountains, until arriving at a magnificent valley overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The village of Barradères has a tranquillity of the 19th century with brightly painted
wooden houses. The rhythm of life is slow here and nothing is insignif icant. There are no restaurants, no hotels, no bars, not even a pharmacy, but there are thirteen nice distilleries!

Mr. Faubert Casimir has continued the work of his father Duncan since 1979 and is considered the best distiller in the region. To reach his distillery one must trod a bagasse path under a tunnel of banana trees.

Faubert grows 50 hectares of Hawaii White and Hawaii Red Sugarcane, a variety similar to Otahiti cane originally from South East Asia. The cane is grown naturally in polyculture together with bananas, palm trees and limes. It is harvested by hand and transported to the distillery by mules. The juice ferments in 5 mango wood cuvees for seven days.

Traditional additions of lemongrass, cinnamon, anise and sometimes ginger is added to the fermenting wash. Distillate comes out at 55% and is stored in 55 gallon drums. It is transported by an old truck covered in religious images on its perilous journey to Port-au-Prince, where it is bottled.


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