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Creta Paglia - Forse Sono Fiori 2021

Creta Paglia - Forse Sono Fiori 2021

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Region: Calabria

Grapes: Guardavalle

Fresh aromatics on the nose and oxidative complexity on the palette. Lovely textural amber from this breezy corner of Calabria by the Tyrrhenian sea.  Here the idea of a hot, arid Calabria, with alcoholic and demanding wines is very far away. The wines that Antonello makes are light, delicate, direct, with short macerations, no intervention in the vineyard or cellar, and as much identity and soul as the land they are grown on. 



Harvested by hand in the first 10 days of october. The wine undergoes spontaneous Fermentation, with 48hrs maceration on skins followed by 10 months elevage in old oak. 600 bottles made.


Creta Paglia is named after houses made of red brick and straw, architecture that was formerly very common in San Marco Argentano, where Cretapaglia is based. The winery is run by Antonello Canonico, who started in 2017 after leaving his partnership with one of Calabria's most famous natural wine producers, L'Acino.

Antonello has 3 hectares of vines in his hometown, a place he himself describes as an island cut off from the rest of Calabria. To the south the mountains rise well over 2000 meters above the sea level, and to the north is a smaller but equally beautiful mountain range. In just 15-20 minutes you can find your way to the sea. In addition to the beautiful soil, Calabria has some of ancient Greece's oldest grape varieties, such as Mantonico, Guardavalle and Magliocco.

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