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Decideret - Fruit Wine Tasting 3 Pack!

Decideret - Fruit Wine Tasting 3 Pack!

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Want to try some of the new Danish fruit wines and ciders from Decideret but don't know where to start?

Need something Danish to drink as you watch them play in the World Cup?

Perhaps you have a friend who knows all the drinks and want something to stump them?



Three delicious drinks from our Danish friends. Three different styles of fruit wine. What is a fruit wine you ask? A fermented drink made with fruit that drinks like a more typical grape wine.

Fruit wines are increasingly popular in parts of the world that do not produce grapes in any great quantity (Denmark, Estonia...), particularly as a sparkling wine. Decideret use organic fruit, from both orchards and private backyards, and minimal intervention. The resulting wines are fresh, complex and clean.

Normally $141 if ordered separately.


#1 Decideret - Who the Fuck Pears Fruit Pet Nat 2021

A sparkling wine made from apples and pears that drinks very much like a pet nat. Fresh and crisp acidity balanced by juicy pear fruit. A great place to start.

#2 Decideret - Spontan Fruit Pet Nat 2020+2021

Vinous and fruity pétillant rosé. The base is a wine from surplus garden apples from Fyn 2020. This is combined with a 2021 vintage of semi-carbonic macerated blackcurrants.

The result is a fruity, silky and delicious sparkling that drinks very much like a Pet Nat. Grapes shmapes. Is wine.

#3 Decideret - Lees is More Sparkling 2018+2019

“Field blend” made from apples from Vigmosegaard at Lilleø. The cider varieties were, after 12 months of fermentation, blended with Bramley apples from 2019. After bottling, the wine spent 18 months on the lees before disgorgement.

Tannins, toast and yeast. But also fruit, body and aromatic sweetness. Think a cross between a fancy Normandy Cider and Champagne. Super good.


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