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Decideret - Plumbastisk Cider 2018+2019

Decideret - Plumbastisk Cider 2018+2019

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Meet Mr. Plumbastisk. A wine made from surplus garden apples from Fyn 2020 with an addition of Opal plums in the summer of 2021. The plums were stomped and added the juice and skins to the tank for a second fermentation with the apples.

A dry, fresh fruit sparkling with notes of almond and plum. 

Style: Semi-Sparkling Cider

Region: Fyn / Denmark

Varieties: Mixed Garden Apples / Opal Plum (12%)



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Style: Brut from apples macerated with plums

Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 6,0 % vol.
Apple/plum varieties: Mixed garden apples (88 %) and Opal Plums (12
Region apples: Fyn
Region plums: Lilleø (Vigmosegaard)
Vinification: Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Organic: Yes (not certified).
Pressing: Apples October (direct press)
Fermentation: Spontaneous in neutral plast tanks (1000 L)
Ageing: 10 months in neutral plast tanks (1000 L)
Maceration (after pressing): Yes. The plums were stomped and after
20 hours added to the apple wine (12 % plums). 24 days maceration
with the apple wine. August/September 2021.
Filtration: No
Bottling: September 2021, bottled with 9 g/l of organic sugar added
for the second fermentation on the bottle
Disgorgement: No
Added sulphites: Yes, 10 mg/l SO2 at bottling

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