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Japanese Wine Tasting II - Thursday 9th of May

Japanese Wine Tasting II - Thursday 9th of May

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When: Thursday 9th of May

What: Japanese Wine

Where: Wine Shop Upstairs / 234 Marrickville Rd

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30pm

Join us for one of the most unique, compelling and weird tastings of the year. Japanese Wines! I do mean wine as well, grape wine, no rice, no sake, just grapes.

This is the second time we have put on a J-Wine tasting, with the last being one of the most fascinating and fun events we have put on so far.


Japan has a grape growing history dating back centuries, with estimates of viticulture being present for around 1200 years. However that was almost entirely for eating, not for the sweet, sweet vino.

That is pretty much the same today, however there is a small and growing community of winemakers in Japan. With the massive popularity of natural wine in Japan, it does seem only natural that obsessive wine nerds would want to explore their own terroir.

Japan does present some pretty big challenges for the budding vigneron. The climate is less than ideal with humidity a massive issue. One way to get around this has been through the growing ofHybrid Japanese Grape Varieties

These are grapes that are a blend between classic Vitis Vinifera (the wine vine) and non vinifera vines, such as Vitis Labrusca (native to North America). These grapes are quite unique in flavour profile, tasting like no other wine you have had (although classic grape varieties are also grown).



Our wine tastings finish at 8:30 pm. They sometimes go a little over but we try to have everything officially wrapped up by then and let people hang back and chat if they like.

In terms of food we will have some nibbles but not meals. The snacks vary for each event. It is quite common for people to head next door to the wine bar for dinner after a tasting.

Tickets are non-refundable but can be exchanged for credit up to 5 days before the event. This can not be done closer to the event as we order wines for the event based on ticket sales.

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