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Mortellito - Viaria Bianco 2022

Mortellito - Viaria Bianco 2022

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Region: Sicily

Grapes: Moscato di Noto

Viaria is a Dry Moscato Di Noto, a breed of white wine all their own. It blends the highly aromatic flavors of Moscato with the arid, dry climate, producing a wine that is even more intensely floral and minty, but with a tongue smacking dryness on the finish with hints of a nutty savoriness.


Dario Serrentino is the driving force behind this family owned estate which spans 25 hectares of vines, ancient olive groves and heirloom almonds.

After years of selling his grapes to local, low-intervention stalwarts like Frank Cornelissen and Lamoresca, the dawn of 2014 saw Dario make the call to begin vinifying his own wines and for this we are very grateful.

Darios relaxed nature shines through in his wines and with this approach he has reached his ultimate goal in creating artisan wines with extreme freshness and drinkability.

His farming is organic and his vines are grown in the old school bush vine system with harvesting only by hand. The light handed approach continues in the cantina with the only additions being small amounts of sulphur at bottling.

Darios Val di Noto vineyards are deep in the Southeast corner of the Sicilian triangle, dipping down to almost the same latitudes as some of Sicily's North African neighbours

In spite of this sub-tropical climate, his immaculately farmed organic fruit coupled with his white limestone soils translates into wines with a level of freshness, balance and tension - that are not often seen in these parts.

These are wines that transport us to Sicily.... drinking them is like taking in its sunshine and bathing in its salty cool sea.

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