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Williams & Humbert - 'Finolis' Vino en Rama 2016

Williams & Humbert - 'Finolis' Vino en Rama 2016

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Here we another release from a growing (and delicious) trend from Jerez: unfortified Sherry.

A full flavoured wine with notes of quince, ripe stone fruits, marzipan and flor. Very round and flavoursome. Savoury with great balance to the acidity. Finishes nutty and complex. Wonderful.



Essentially this is a vintage Fino de Jerez except the 14.5% alcohol is entirely natural. There have been no addition of alcohol to fortify the wine.

The grapes come from vineyards from the pago Carrascal, just north of the town of Frontera. The grapes are harvested very ripe with a small amount of sun drying (asoleo). The resulting grapes are high in sugar and concentrated flavours, helping to get the alcohol high without fortifying. Once fermented the wine is aged in butts filled to about 80%, with flor encouraged to develop. The wine is released as a vintage wine and does not form part of a solera. Bottled en rama (unfiltered).

Note the wine can not be called Fino as it is under 15% alcohol. 

Region: Marco de Jerez / Spain

Grapes: Palomino

Size: 500ml

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