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Patrice Beguet - Fresh Impressions Rouge 2022

Patrice Beguet - Fresh Impressions Rouge 2022

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This blend is made up of 50% Mourvèdre from Mont Ventoux, 20% Grenache, 20% Gamay from the Loire, and 10% Ploussard from Patrice's vineyards in the Jura.

Patrice personally handpicked all the grapes from organic or Biodynamic vineyards. 80% of the blend underwent direct pressing, while the remaining 20% enjoyed maceration, all carried out in stainless steel. Fermentation by natural yeast at lower temperatures, capturing the essence of the grapes.

The nose of this wine is intriguing and playful, featuring red berries and cherry with a savoury edge intertwined with hints of celery salt, smoky bacon, and hibiscus. On the palate, the wine maintains its fresh and bright character.

There's a touch of spice and a burst of juicy red fruit, accompanied by notes of rose, goji berry, jasmine, and hibiscus. It's all about embracing freshness, vibrancy, and sheer drinkability.

Food pairing: To complement this light and lively red, enjoy it alongside a classic Aussie grilled cheese toasty. The wine's savoury tones and lively acidity will mesh beautifully with the gooey cheese and crispy bread, resulting in a playful and comforting combination. The pop of juicy red fruit and a hint of spice in the wine will add a delightful twist to this relaxed dish.



Hughes Beguet

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The Fruit



Organic / Biodynamic


Minimal Sulphites


Light Bodied



Winemaker Patrice Béguet, born in the Jura, gave up Paris city life and returned to the Jura countryside with his wife, Caroline Hughes. They purchased heritage vineyards on great terroir, and set up a small winery under their house in Mesnay adopting sustainable viticulture practices and winemaking techniques.

They own 4.5 hectares of vineyard in the AOC Arbois appellation at over 300 metres above sea level, including one of the most coveted slopes of Arbois, Les Corvées, and a parcel on the famed Côte de Feule vineyards in Pupillin amongst others. The vines are typically 40 years old.

Patrice has an environmentalist bent, sowing wild flowers, leguminous plants and cereals between vineyard rows. He works his vineyards biodynamically, applying yarrow, nettle, dandelion, chamomile and meadowsweet preparations. So committed to this lifestyle, he meticulously sources biodynamic straw for his straw wine and even an ancient breed of Alpine sheep graze on indigenous grasses between vines in the winter.

Patrice has a focus on diversity in his vineyards with lots of native fruits surrounding the vines and beehives strategically placed at the bottom of vineyard slopes. The fruit is always hand harvested and sorted in the vineyards. The domaine is also a member of Le Nez Dans Le Vert, a biodynamic wine growers group in the Jura.

In the cave, he is a keen experimentalist, making use of extended macerations and egg-shaped barrels. All wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts, with some fermentations lasting up to six months. The wines complete their élevage (or "upbringing") in a mixture of stainless steel tank, eggs, and various aged old oak barrels. Very little sulphur, if any, is used for all his wines and for the 2015 vintage, he has used no SO2 at all.

The wines are all unique and individual. They are aromatically wild, profoundly textured and generous on the palate. They can be found in the most heralded Jura restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Jean Paul Jaunet.

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