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Women and Revolution Wine Packs!

Women and Revolution Wine Packs!

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, Women and Revolution are launching the first of a series of wine packs that highlight some of the exceptional talent in the winemaking industry that often goes overlooked. The first is a reflection on one of WaR’s successful, ongoing collaborations with the Sydney Women’s Club. They hosted a unique event series celebrating the art of winemaking by having a female winemaker host the evening and showcase their wines to a group of keen attendees. Their unique talent and purpose was portrayed in each pour, and rather than keep that experience to the attendees of the events, they decided to showcase a bottle of each of the winemakers that joined for the event to share with the world! A unique, purposeful and ultimately incredibly enjoyable selection of wines that satisfies the palate, a range of styles as well as contributing to an important social cause.

In the pack you will experience the talent of:

Sierra Reed, Reed Wines.

Tessa Brown, Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown.

Erin Pooley, Little Frances.

Lisa Jenkins, Fleet Wines.

Nadja Wallington, ChaLou Wines, Somm & the Winemaker.

Kate Sturgess, Brokenwood.

All profits from the sales of this pack go directly to Women and Revolution, a charity representing women, queer and LGBTQIA+ people in the wine industry in an ongoing mission dedicated to gender parity. For more information on WaR, including how else to be involved, click here.

Join us in supporting these talented winemakers and driving positive change. Raise your glass to great wine and a greater cause. Cheers to empowerment, diversity, and revolutionising the world, one sip at a time. Order now and make a difference with every pour.


Please note the WaR Packs do not include free delivery.

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