About Us

Goblin Wine Shop

Who we are...

We are a natural wine and interesting drinks shop located in Marrickville, New South Wales.

We were born out of wedlock after a union between the famous wine bar Where's Nick and an old retail space abandoned during lockdown.

What We Do

Our focus is on organic viticulture and minimal intervention wine (natural wine but perhaps without the connotations). Alongside this we have a load of interesting spirits, beers and a small deli for sauces, tinned fish, oil etc.

Events & Education

We also have an events space above the shop. We host regular wine tasting and strongly believe that knowing about a thing increases your appreciation of said thing. 

Our Ethos...

The purpose is to spread our love of interesting drinks, to take the elitism out of cult alcohol and encourage people to think about what they are drinking and where it comes from.

We select our wines with a focus on changing the conversation around Natural Wine. We want to move the focus away from cult producers and back towards the vineyard. We primarily source from sustainable and organic winemakers who produce wines that are made with minimal inputs while still showing a sense of place and terroir.

Oh and Also...


Broadsheet wrote some fun words about us when we opened our new shop. Read the interview here.

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