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Adalia - Soave Singan 2021

Adalia - Soave Singan 2021

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Low intervention Garganega from Val di Mezzane in the Veneto region. Stainless steel ferment with indigenous yeasts. A delicately balanced classic with soft, peachy stone fruit, subtle almond, linear acidity and a crisp, mineral finish. Perfect to be drunk alone as an aperitif or paired with delicate risottos, grilled fish and white meats.

Producer: Adalia
Country: Italy
Region: Soave / Veneto
Grapes: Garganega

The Fruit: Estate Grown
Viticulture: Organic
Additions: Minimal Sulphur
Weight: Light


"The company name ADALIA derives from Adalia Bipunctata, a small ladybug with two black spots on the wings. She is our friend, and she is a formidable hunter of major aphid species. In a corner of the Val di Mezzane, a sunny and well ventilated area, we find a small jewel of Valpolicella. 5 hectares that want to become the expression of a different concept of farm: young but authentic, innovative but always in direct contact with nature, in one of the most traditional and austere wine-growing areas on the national scene."



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