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Amacardo - Red Amaro (Blood Orange & Artichoke)

Amacardo - Red Amaro (Blood Orange & Artichoke)

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Region: Sicily, Italy

Made by the oldest distillery in Sicily, this deep red amaro is created from local wild artichokes harvested on the slopes of the volcano Mount Etna. These wild artichokes, also known as cardoon, are combined with blood orange peel for a more citrus-forward carciofo amaro.

Aromas of orange cake, peel and ripe pulp combine with hints of bitter herbs. Wonderful silky mouthfeel; peel and pith feature before orange spice cake and light herbal notes complete the finish. Fantastic bittersweet balance.

Enjoy mixed with dry white wine, in a spritz, or simply over ice. Substitute for Picon Amer in cocktails such as the Brooklyn

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