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Balestri Valda - Volkanus Soave Sparkling NV

Balestri Valda - Volkanus Soave Sparkling NV

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This refreshing sparkling wine is made from the indigenous Garganega grape, cultivated in hillside sites on basalt soils.

On the palate, it is tangy and mineral, thanks to the terrain of volcanic origin from which it originates. Its nose is delicate and elegant, with notes of flowers and white-fleshed fruits.




Balestri Valda





Soave / Veneto

The Fruit


Estate Grown



Minimal sulphur


Medium Bodied



“We say no to chemicals and grow our vines and olive trees according to the principles of organic viticulture with every agricultural practice being an expression of our deep respect for nature and harmony with our ecosystem. That’s why we started beekeeping with enthusiasm. Our happy bees prove that protecting biodiversity is possible and a duty we take on with pleasure.”

That quote perfectly sums up Laura’s project. She is the latest custodian of a precious hillside right in the heart of Soave with some very important holdings in the tiny cru of Sengialta (‘Sengio’ in local dialect refers to basalt rock).

Soils are rich, dark and volcanic, vineyard exposures are southern and at altitudes ranging from 180 - 300m. Laura and her father concentrate on low yields from Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave, and their winemaking is always inspired by a respect for their precious terroir and heritage. This place gives the peak expression of native grape Garganega.

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