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Champagne Stephane Regnault - Dorien No.29 NV

Champagne Stephane Regnault - Dorien No.29 NV

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Region: Cote des Blancs / Champagne

Grapes: Chardonnay

Champagne Nonsense: Grand Cru / Blanc de Blanc / Extra Brut

A beautifully structured wine. Very fresh, clean in style with a saline like acidity. Citrus tinged fruit with notes of peach, stone fruit and only light brioche. Delicious.



Fermented in one third old barrel and two thirds stainless steel solera (each cuvee having its own solera). After elevage the solera and vintage barrels are blended before bottling. The wine is then aged for three years in bottle before disgorging. The "No.29" in the cuvee name refers to the vintage that goes into barrel. SO in this case the majority of the wine is 2019 vintage. Only 1 g/l dosage. 


Stéphane is an inspired young winemaker who worked as a sommelier in London and Paris and as an aerospace engineer before taking over the family vineyards in Oger and Le Mesnil. Certified organic, he follows biodynamic practices on the vineyards and his range uses only grapes grown by him. Stéphane is a passionate jazz saxophone player and names his cuvées after jazz modes that the wines remind him of, musical scales that date back to Ancient Greece.

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