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Distillerie Sonson Pierre Gilles - Clairin Sonson

Distillerie Sonson Pierre Gilles - Clairin Sonson

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Origin: Haiti

Size: 700ml

ABV: 53.2%

Style: Single Village Clairin (Rhum Agricole)

The nose is fresh and herbaceous with cut grass and hints of basil and lemongrass. On the palate Sonson is straight forward, fruity with flavours of fresh cane juice and liquorice. The finish is pleasant, slightly spiced with sweet pepper and ginger.



Clairin Sonson is produced by Stephan Kalil Saoud, who is both the cane grower and the distiller. It is made exclusively from sugar cane syrup in Cabaret, a village located on the coast, in the district of Arcahaie, one hour from Port au Prince. 

The syrup is produced from indigenous sugarcane variety Madame Meuze, with the
ancestral technique of a four-pan batterie, fueled by direct fire. The land surrounding Sonson distillery is about 60 acres, dotted with sugarcane, banana trees and other fruit varieties and the whole terroir influences the final spirit, totally natural, fermented with wild yeasts and distilled once in a pot still, heated over open fire. Clairin Sonson is bottled at pot still proof, without any dilution

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