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Fattoria Al Fiore - Genchi 2022

Fattoria Al Fiore - Genchi 2022

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Genchi is light, fragrant and refreshing white wine that pours a pale yellow in the glass. The Niagara brings the tropical and citrusy notes while the floral Neo muscat rounds it out.

Reina san wanted to make good use of Niagara’s acid whilst also highlighting the refreshing aromatic from the two grapes. To amplify the freshness the Niagara was fermented using carbonic maceration and then blended with the Neo Muscat




Fattoria Al Fiore

Niagara / Neo Muscat




Kawasaki / Miyagi

The Fruit







Light Bodied



Nestled at the foot of the Zao mountain range in Kawasaki Town, Miyagi is Fattoria al Fiore, a winery that sits housed within a former school gymnasium. Established in 2015 by Hirotaka and Reina Meguro, the old basketball court now plays home to a sea of amphora filled with the likes of Koshu, Delaware, and Muscat A Baily.

Al Fiore, meaning ‘single flower’ in Japanese, is named after Hirotaka’s former restaurant. The winery is operated by Hirotaka and his wife Reina, supported by a small team who produce around 15,000 bottles per year.

As expected with all things Japanese, each wine is made with precision and care. With grapes both difficult to source and grow, every grape must be treated with respect. Each bottle number is hand written and dyed using persimmon fruit.

Their wines are made up of both vinifera and labrusca grapes, commonly known as hybrid / table grapes. Varieties include Delaware, Steuben, and Niagara which bring an alluring perfume of ripe fruits and flowers unlike no other. They are extremely delicate wines, matching perfectly with the subtle flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Reina & Hirotaka make their wines as naturally as possible. There are no additives used, no fining or filtration either. Production is extremely small, and so allocations are very limited. We are extremely lucky to have them here in Australia.

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