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Gino Pedrotti - Nosiola 2021

Gino Pedrotti - Nosiola 2021

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A slightly skinnsy wine even after 30 days skin contact. Delicate aromas with notes of hazelnut and stone fruit. 

Region: Trentino

Grapes: Nosiola

Nosiola has the distinction of being the only white grape native to Trentino. It is semi wild, delicate and susceptible to disease. For a time it has not been favoured due to the perception that it has a “neutral” flavour. The people that perceived that were wrong and were jerks. Unless that’s what you also think. In which case; they were wonderful people.

Anyway; given a lot of patience and love you get this fresh delicate wine with a lot of perfume and some pretty hazelnut notes. Gisueppe Pedrotti, son of Gino (maker of wine), is the latest member of the Pedrotti family to champion this grape.

- Dom

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