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Jauma - Danby Grenache 2023

Jauma - Danby Grenache 2023

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 "Whole bunches, un-crushed left to macerate in their own carbon dioxide exhalations till they fizz and explode in a sealed tank for three weeks. Vibrant, vinous, vivacious, with a slight spritz." - James

A really light version of Danby this year. Tingly effervescence when opening as well. Juicy sweet red fruits alongside spices, grapefruit and vanilla. Surprising depth for such a light looking wine. Light, fresh and moreish.

Producer: Jauma
Country: Australia
Region: McLaren Vale
Grapes: Grenache

The Fruit: Purchased
Viticulture: Organic
Additions: No Sulphur
Weight/Style: Light Bodied - Bright and Slurpy

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