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Johanna Cecillon - Nantosuelta Cidre 2018

Johanna Cecillon - Nantosuelta Cidre 2018

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Region: Brittany

Fruity nose, fine bubbles, light golden color, slightly dry with caramel and vanilla flavors. An excellent Cider.



Soils – rich, deep loam soil
This tart apple orchard is located at the bottom of the deep and loamy valley floor, surrounded by forest on one side a stream on the other.

Arboriculture – The tall trees are protected from the wind by grassy strips, which promotes diversity. There were no added pesticides or insecticides in order to protect the environment. We are committed to keeping in compliance with organic production.

Cidrification – The apples were manually harvested from October to November. The fruits were stored in bags under shelter for better ripeness. The fermentation is managed in tanks and then blended with natural yeasts in oak barrels.
The cider is bottled in late April, with natural bubble formation and no added sulfur, non-carbonated and non-pasteurized. A second fermentation occurs in the bottle. Wild yeasts are necessary to make the natural foam, it can make some turbidity.

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