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Loic Mahe - Savennieres Equilibre 2008

Loic Mahe - Savennieres Equilibre 2008

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Oh boy this wine. From the unique Equilibre vineyard and aged for a number of years before release.

The vineyard is warm and dry with no top soil to speak of, just some schist rubble. The roots dig strait into the sites red and blue schist. 

The result is a wine of real power and some serious depth. On first release the wine is almost as tannic as some red wines with loads of acidity to back up the intense texture.

With age the wine just keeps getting better (we decanted this wine when we first tried it, even with the bottle age). The power is still there but the structure has mellowed (kind of!) with layers of complexity thrown on top.

Not a wine to rush. More of a wine to sit with for several hours as you contemplate the futility of existence.

Producer: Loic Mahe
Country: France
Region: Savennieres / Anjou Loire Valley
Grapes: Chenin Blanc

The Fruit: Estate grown
Viticulture: Organic
Additions: Minimal Sulphur
Weight: Full Bodied


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