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Lussurgesi - Filu 'e Ferru

Lussurgesi - Filu 'e Ferru

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Region: Sardegna

Size: 500ml

Abv: 42%

Filu 'e ferru is a distillate (grappa) obtained from the best selection of Sardinian pomace selected by wine producers, especially in inland areas.

The curious name it bears recalls the practice established by Sardinian producers in the second half of the nineteenth century, of hiding the clandestine distillation of the distillate from the authorities of the kingdom, when the production of spirits was heavily taxed. To avoid confiscation, dae sa fortza, (finance or carabinieri) the bottles produced were buried and equipped with an iron wire which was cleverly left to emerge on the surface, so as to be able to locate them at a later time. The pomace that contributes to the production of the product is selected and usually comes from Vermentino or Vernaccia grapes and often from Cannonau.

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