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Mosse - Arena Savennieres 2021

Mosse - Arena Savennieres 2021

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An exceptional dry Chenin Blanc from the semi-mythical vineyards of Savennières.

From a tiny plot of land that is less than half a hectare – therefore there is very little of this wine available. 

Almost delicate for a Savennières. Still all driving acidity and intensity but there is an elegance not always seen in these wines. With the ripe peach, honey and preserved lemon being almost friendly.

Of course it is all a trick. A subtle trap for the Savennières uninitiated. The true beauty of this wine needs time. Either in the cellar or a long decanting. The wine opening up into new layers as it reveals new universal mysteries.

Only a few bottles available.



Domaine Mosse





Savennières / Loire

The Fruit





Minimal Sulphur


Medium Bodied



Domaine Mosse, located in Saint-Lambert du Lattay in the Loire, has been producing quality wines since their foundation by Agnès and René Mosse in the late 90’s. Their 15 hectares of vines have been certified organic since 1999 and spread across the communes of Saint Lambert du Lattay, Savennières and Beaulieu sur Layon in the appellation areas of Anjou Villages and Coteaux du Layon Villages. The vines are impeccably maintained - likely a result of how much time the couple spend working with the soils. They’re committed to practices that reveal the beautiful schist, quartz, flint and clay terroir in their wines, and it shows.

Agnès and René grow many typical Loire varieties including Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau gris, Grolleau noir, Côt and Gamay, turning out excellent red, white and blended wines. Their Chenin Blanc is pivotal. Minimal intervention is key to the winemaking, with ageing in barrels or tuns (large wine casks holding just over 950L), and all natural fermentations. Word has it that many winemakers who’ve worked with the couple for experience have been inspired and are now making their own wines, including their sons, Sylvestre and Joseph. Investing the same care for the entire winemaking process, the Mosse brothers started their independent winemaking journey in 2006 and returned to Domaine Mosse to continue the family legacy in 2019.

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