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Roborel de Climens - Cabernet Franc Belle Vue Amphora Whisky

Roborel de Climens - Cabernet Franc Belle Vue Amphora Whisky

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Region: Alsace / France

ABV: 51%

Cask: Wine Amphora

This whisky was distilled in 2016 and bottled in 2020. The maturation period included 10 months in clay amphora provided by Domaine de Belle-Vue in Muscadet (Loire Valley). 

An interesting Whisky. Very floral aromas alongside notes of red fruit, spice and rich malt. Flavoursome yet still feels elegant and drinkable on the palate. Very rare with only 350 bottles made.


New artisanal single malt whiskies created by Aymeric Roborel de Climens, an exoenologist and winemaker that worked for more than 20 years for different producers in Bordeaux. These whiskies are 100% French from the beginning to the end, using their old family distillery and all the resources sourced from within the country.

With his experience in the wine industry, Aymeric selects the best barrels from each winery for the aging, from six to 18 months and creates a strong identity, profile and aroma for each release. He has been using mainly Cognac, Merlot and Sauternes barrels but recently has created a whisky aged in Banyuls barrel (similar to a sherry cask) and has partnered with a Muscadet producer to use their amphoras, creating something really special and rare.

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