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Sakurao - Single Malt Whisky

Sakurao - Single Malt Whisky

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Sakurao is a newer Japanese distillery, founded in 2017. This is the first whisky cuvee produced by the distillery and is a Japanese single malt that is distilled, aged and blended at the distillery (unlike many Japanese whiskies which are blends of Scottish whisky).

Balanced and smooth with notes of peach, citrus and orange alongside fresh grape and grain. On the palate the vanilla and apple fruits come through more with a silky smooth finish.

Made from a combination of bourbon, new American oak and sherry casks, in which the whiskies were matured for three years, the final blend also benefited from several months of maturation in mizunara casks, the famous Japanese oak.

Cask: Bourbon / New American / Sherry / Mizunara

Origin: Japan

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