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Ultra Culture - Fermented Cucumber & Miso Hot Sauce

Ultra Culture - Fermented Cucumber & Miso Hot Sauce

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Lacto-fermentation is the key to unlocking deep flavour and layered complexity in food. This sauce is a great example of just this. While remaining bright and cucumber-y, its intense umami characteristics are brought forward by the addition of miso and shiitake mushrooms. Fermented and then aged for 60 days with rice vinegar, you have yourself a wiiiinnnneerrrrrrr.

It pairs wonderfully with noodle soup or Bahn mi. Perfect with grilled pork or even splashed over eggplant that's been cooked over fire.

As with all our sauces and condiments, let your tastebuds be your guide. There are no rules and certainly no limitations to what can be achieved by an adventurous spirit. 

Ingredients: cucumbers, chillies, miso, rice vinegar, salt, onion, garlic, ginger, shiitake mushrooms and time.

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