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Cabarita Spirits - Blanco

Cabarita Spirits - Blanco

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Region: Tweed Valley / New South Wales

Style: White Rum

Slightly sweet on the lips and smooth in the mouth, its tasting notes include vanilla, cardamom, banana and clove. Blanco blends beautifully in cocktails or can be savoured simply with fresh lime and soda.


Cabarita is the project of Tweed Valley resident Keri. Slightly obsessed with Rum, she decided to follow her passion and create her own. After 2 years study and  experimentation Keri bought her own alembic still in 2020. 

The rum is sourced as molasses from farms in the Tweed Valley, inland from the beaches of Cabarita.


Using 100% natural, local ingredients, Blanco is entirely handcrafted in subtropical Cabarita Beach. Its delicate spice notes are created by infusing whole natural spices during the distillation process. Double distilled in a handmade copper pot still, Blanco is bottled unaged.

This is a high ester spirit: it's what you'd expect from an authentic and handcrafted product and will change your perception of white 'rum' for good!

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives go into this sweet drop.

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