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Champagne Stephane Regnault - Mixolydien No.45 NV

Champagne Stephane Regnault - Mixolydien No.45 NV

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The creamiest and the most luscious of all the wines from Stéphane. Chantilly cream, nashi pear, subtle spice and a more-ish preserved lemon quality. Colour like spun gold, there’s a savoury, hay bale characteristic that meshes quite well with all the fruit and cream. Almost glittery with acidity, needs a minute to unfurl, but when it does, wow. Lovely. 

Region: Cote des Blancs / Champagne

Grapes: Chardonnay

Champagne Nonsense: Grand Cru / Blanc de Blanc / Extra Brut


Stéphane is an inspired young winemaker who worked as a sommelier in London and Paris and as an aerospace engineer before taking over the family vineyards in Oger and Le Mesnil. Certified organic, he follows biodynamic practices on the vineyards and his range uses only grapes grown by him. Stéphane is a passionate jazz saxophone player and names his cuvées after jazz modes that the wines remind him of, musical scales that date back to Ancient Greece.

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