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Corrado Tonelli - Visner di Pergola Selezione Vino e Visciole

Corrado Tonelli - Visner di Pergola Selezione Vino e Visciole

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Red wine and cherries. An aromatic and full bodied wine, sweet but finishing dry. Fruity with strong notes of cherry and almond. An excellent digestive or with chocolate.


What is this?

The Tonelli Corrado farm can be credited with resurrecting the centuries-old recipe of Visner di Pergola, the wild sour cherry wine from the hills behind Pesaro, known in the local dialect as vino di visciola. This sweet, aromatic wine, based on the fruits of the Prunus cerasus tree that grows wildly in the hills of Marche, is produced in just three villages: Cagli, Cantiano and Pergola. The Corrado farm lies just outside of the village of Pergola. The wine itself combines the wild cherries with the montepulciano wine produced during the previous year, though the exact recipes for each village are generally kept secret!


The wild cherry fruits (Prunus cerasus) are harvested, de-stemmed and cleaned, before being steeped with sugar in the local Montepulciano wine from the previous year.

This process is conducted according to strict ratios and only the three ingredients are used. The mixture of cherries and wine then goes through a fermentation and ageing period of 4 to 5 months, before the liquid is separated from the solids.


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