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Cristiana Meggiolaro - Saro Gargangea 2020

Cristiana Meggiolaro - Saro Gargangea 2020

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An all time fav with the Goblins. Pure and elegant in its simplicity. Fresh, soft and so easy to drink. One of the least confrontational wines going around, but not for lack of interest! It sings with citrus, apple and peach - pure and focused yet tender and delicate - like the pianissimo of a skilled Bella Donna. An archetypal Venetian white.

Producer: Cristiana Meggiolaro
Country: Italy
Region: Gambrella / Veneto
Grapes: Garganega

The Fruit: Estate Grown
Viticulture: Organic
Additions: Minimal Sulphur
Weight: Light Bodied

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