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Decideret - Overdrevet Pet Nat 2021

Decideret - Overdrevet Pet Nat 2021

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Rød Aroma and Holsteiner Cox from Fyn and red grape skins from Weirdloose’s tiny vineyard at Lejre. The grape skins were macerated for 8 days in fermenting apple juice
and bottled during first fermentation pét-nat style.

Purple and a spicy nose. Juicy, structured with acidity and black pepper. This is a collaboration between Decideret and Weirdloose Overdrive.


Region: Fyn & Lejre / Denmark

Style: Cider/Grape Pet Nat

Varieties: Red Aroma Apple / Holsteiner Cox Apple / Red Grapes (Leon Millot, Fruhburgunder, Bolero, Rondo)



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Style: Fruit Pét-Nat from apples and red grapes
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 7,0 % vol.
Apple/grape varieties: Rød Aroma, Holsteiner Cox and mixed red
grapes (Léon Millot, Frühburgunder, Bolero and Rondo)
Region apples: Fyn (Ådalen, Oure)
Region grapes: Lejre (Weirdloose Overdrive, Særløse Overdrev)
Vinification: Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Organic: Yes, apples (certified), grapes (not certified)
Pressing: Rød Aroma - September (direct press), Holsteiner Cox -
November (direct press)
Fermentation: Spontaneous in neutral plast tank
Maceration (after pressing): Yes, 8 days maceration on pressed
grape skins
Filtration: No
Bottling: November 2021, bottled with 6,5 g/l residual sugar from
the apples and grapes for bottle fermentation (pét-nat)
Disgorgement: No
Added sulphites: No

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