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Mailer McGuire - Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha

Mailer McGuire - Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha

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Size: 750ml

Blend: Whole leaf Green tea from Huangshan Maofeng China, Jasmine flowers

Mailer McGuire is a natural, lightly sparkling, fermented tea. Floral, bright and juicy. Jasmine and citrus notes light up this extremely refreshing drop, trailing with crisp green apple and a clean finish.

Works as a substitute for white wine and farmhouse cider. A good friend to bitter green salad, roast chicken and scallops. 


Mailer McGuire began as a desire to drink less alcohol and enjoy more sunrises on
a camping trip and has blossomed into a range of distinctive, award winning kombucha created to elevate your every day. Made by hand brewing and slowly fermenting exceptional loose-leaf teas in order to produce a complex and clean non-alcoholic alternative. Made with minimal intervention for maximum flavour in Marrickville, Sydney. Mailer McGuire is Female owned and produced.

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