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NoVice - Merci Poulsard 2021

NoVice - Merci Poulsard 2021

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Made from 100% Poulsard grapes sourced from the Trouillot Batard plot in Poligny, this wine undergoes a three-week maceration and spends a short time in old barrels. The plot was cared for by Valantine Morel for two years, highlighting the collaborative spirit within the domaine.

No sulphur, no additives, just pure juice! The wine presents a rich and slightly structured character bursting with fruity goodness. Its aroma is one of heightened florals, like hibiscus and rose tea.

Striking a balance between wildness and restraint, the wine embodies complexity. As you delve into its layers, you'll uncover hints of mushrooms and earthiness, leading to a finish with traces of saltiness and savoury notes.

Food pairing: Savour it with a Moroccan-style lamb tagine. The aromatic spices and tender succulence of the lamb would perfectly complement the intricate flavours of the wine.









The Fruit


Estate Grown

Organic / Biodynamic




Light Bodied



Jura native, Yves Roy- Salomon, settled back in his home town of Poligny with his partner Christelle in 2019 and set up their Domaine Nøvice. He is an advocate for Organic and Biodynamic farming and works naturally in the cave.

Yves bought 5 hectares of vines in 2014, retrained in oenology at Montmorot and works for Valentin Morel at Les Pieds sur Terre. One of the best growers in Poligny. There he has crafted his trade along with the help of other Jura guns. All at the age of 50. Their objective of is to set up agronomic work to obtain an autonomous balance of the plots to extract the particularity of each terroir.

Christelle and Yves grow Ploussard and Savagnin, which can express their full potential on the Jura terroirs. The vines have been rooted for 120 years on certain plots. The work in the vineyard is done mechanically, without synthetic products, in order to respect the 5 hectares that Yves and Christelle own. All of the harvesting is of course done by hand. By 2025, the juices from young vines, planted by the couple, of Chardonnay, Pinot and Trousseau, should see the light of day.

“They are the direct expression of the grape varieties, the terroirs and faithfully reflect the climate that the vintage has given us."

They have only one idea in mind, to make the most natural wines possible. So here, there is no place for any oenological product during the fermentation of the juices. The doctrine is zero input! No sulphur, no filtration and natural yeasts... In short, we don't touch anything. The aging is done over 1 year, in vats, then in barrels. The bottles are delivered only after a little rest in bottle. As they say, their wines are: "the direct expression of the grape varieties, the terroirs and faithfully reflect the climate that the vintage has given us."

Yves and Christelle also work in partnership with Olivier and Yohsi (a young Japanese winegrower) with their negoc label O2Y to produce some absolute bangers with grapes bought in different regions of France. The wines are simply magnificent and deeply Jurassic. Bombs of fruit and complexity for such a young domaine.

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