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Pepito's Pisco

Pepito's Pisco

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Since opening its doors in 2020, Pepito's has been the home of Pisco in Australia. But what is Pisco?

Grape: Quebranta

Vintage: 2023

Origin: D.O Valle de Ica / Peru


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It's Peru's national spirit that's what!

Essentially it is Brandy, a spirit made from fermented grapes (i.e.: wine).

The Peruvian wine is distilled (unsulphured) and then rested in glass, steel or amphorae for usually between 3 and 12 months. 

Unlike most French brandy (Cognac / Armagnac), which sees extended aging in oak, Pisco is a fresh, pure and clear spirit.

Premium Pisco is delicious on its own, served neat. 

Pisco is also an excellent cocktail spirit. It is clear and carries other flavours well, yet is more subtle than gin and more delicate than vodka.


" Hell Yeah! Kick off the party with a famous Pisco Sour. Follow it with lime and ginger ale to create a refreshing Chilcano. Infinite possibilities await as a substitute to tequila, rum or gin. The world is yours. Pepito's is Pisco. Pisco is life. Football is life. ¡Viva el Perú!" - Jose (Pepito)

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