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The Wine Farm - Pinot Noir 2019

The Wine Farm - Pinot Noir 2019

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A beautiful Pinot Noir that The Wine Farm are pretty proud of, and for good reason. Depth and complexity in every sip, though no two tastes are the same - it'll take you on a journey from forest to fruit farm as it opens up in the glass.  



The Wine Farm

Pinot Noir





The Fruit


Estate Grown



Minimal Sulphur


Medium Bodied



Picked into small 6kg crates, 80% of the grapes were de-stemmed and sealed up in a tank until the fermentation kicked off naturally. Hand-plunged during the ferment to keep the cap wet, then lightly pressed, putting the juice in tank until the last few grams of sugar finished their journey into alcohol. Once fermentation finished the wine was transferred into barrels where it rested for a year before being racked into its bottling tank. A small amount of sulphur was added at this point before gravity feeding the wine into bottle, sealing under cork and leaving it to bottle age for two years before being released. 1,212 bottles made. No fining or filtration.


"The 2019 Pinot Noir has body, length and tannin. A heady perfume of pretty light fruits mingle with earthy forest floor. Blackberries and boysenberries on the palate soon give way to lighter cherries and berries as it gains more air. It has everything you would expect to find from a fine South Gippsland Pinot noir. It evolves in the glass over the evening, delivering something slightly different with each visit to the glass. It’s the most complete Pinot noir we have released." - The Wine Farm

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