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TINA - 2.0 Raspberry Jasmine Pearl (Non-Alcoholic)

TINA - 2.0 Raspberry Jasmine Pearl (Non-Alcoholic)

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TINA is short for This Is Not Alcohol

T.I.N.A is a deliciously complex zero alcohol drink, made for occasions when you don’t feel like alcohol but you do feel like a good time.
All natural, lightly sparkling - jasmine pearl, raspberry (fruit + leaf) and waxflower.

Made with Jasmine pearl green tea, rosella flowers, raspberry leaf, raspberry juice, pear juice, verjus, mandarin juice, monkfruit juice, Geraldton waxflower, yarrow and filtered water.

Bright and juicy, sherbet fizz, herbaceous edge.

That first Friday afternoon knock-off drink, long lunches, something fun and unexpected.

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