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Unexpected Guest - Young Tom's Bathtub Gin

Unexpected Guest - Young Tom's Bathtub Gin

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Stocking gins from our soon to be new neighbours, with Unexpected Guest about to end their days as wandering vagabonds. They will soon have their own distillery in Marrickville! No longer will they be forced to break into other people's distilleries at night, squeezing out a few quick liters of gin before the hounds are released again. 

Old Tom  (or Young Tom in this case) refers to a slightly sweeter tasting style of gin. Not sugar sweet in this case, just in terms of flavour...

Super aromatic with native lemon myrtle to the fore and sweet notes from the licorice root, almond and vanilla. 

Great on the rocks or to flavour up a cocktail.

Size: 500ml

Origin: Sydney

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