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Wildflower - St Phoebe: Ebony Sun Plum 2023

Wildflower - St Phoebe: Ebony Sun Plum 2023

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St Phoebe is an ale made with plums. It is named for Chris and Emily’s eldest daughter.

The first of two variants for St Phoebe 2023, this release was made with 475kg of fresh, whole, tree ripened Ebony Sun plums from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW. Unlike other Saints, the fruit went straight onto beer rather than going through an initial carbonic maceration... and after 4 months was bottled and allowed to naturally carbonate and mature before release. The results speak for themselves...

"The most gorgeous deep pink you’ve ever seen. The nose is all sweet fruit, bright plum and raspberry with a touch of spice, floral perfume and an elegant touch of funk. On the palate, earthy candied fruit and a cleansing acidity. You get something different on each sip. This beer deserves to be drunk on a picnic rug alongside some delicious cheese." - Meesh's tasting notes.

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